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Pixel Shoot
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Pixel Shoot: Bang!Bang! is an arcade shooter where you have to shoot at everything on the screen that moves. If any of the objects you see flying around the screen fall to the ground, you lose. So you better shoot, shoot, shoot nonstop!

To shoot, all you have to do is tap the screen. Wherever you tap, you shoot. This way, you have to smash all the wooden boxes and barrels you see flying around to smithereens, before they get a chance to fall. In the beginning you'll only see a few boxes, but as you start lasting longer and longer, you'll have to take care of more boxes at the same time.

As you earn money and get better scores, you can also unlock new weapons. When you start playing you'll have one semiautomatic pistol, but you can unlock all sorts of machine guns, rifles, shotguns, and other pistols. In all, there are a few dozen different weapons available to unlock.

Pixel Shoot: Bang!Bang! is a treasure chest full of fast-paced shooting, with a concept as simple as it fun, and attractive graphics. It's a great title with three different game modes and an online scoreboard.

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